Siemon Company releases two new white papers

Sept. 4, 2003
Sept. 4, 2003 - Reports look at Video over IP, Storage Area Networks markets.

The Siemon Company has released two new white papers: Video over IP
and Storage Area Networks.

These reports are designed to be a valuable resource to IT managers, business owners, facility managers or anyone who would like to learn more about these emerging technologies.

Developments in the video industry such as Video on Demand over IP, Video Broadcast over IP, and Videoconferencing over IP are expanding business opportunities. However, these new applications are also burdening companies' network infrastructures like never before.

In the new white paper on Video over IP, The Siemon Company delves into these video technologies, how they function, the repercussions to the network and possible solutions for IT managers.

In the white paper on Storage Area Networks, The Siemon Company looks at the
evolution of storage technologies and standards, methods of storage, using IP networks to transport storage data, and IT infrastructure considerations needed to run Storage over IP. Storage methods such as Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN), SAN over IP, Legacy Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel IP and Small Computer Systems Interface over IP are all covered in detail.

The Siemon Company is based in Watertown, CT. For more information visit

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