Brand-Rex reports successful 40-km blown-fiber system

Sept. 18, 2003
September 18, 2003--Huelva Harbour in Spain was connected over a two-week span.

Brand-Rex ( recently announced that it has successfully completed the installation of a 40-kilometer blown-fiber local access network for Huelva Harbour in Spain. The installation, covering one of the largest distances for an air-blown fiber system, took two weeks to bllow and was carried out without incurring any downtime on the Huelva network, Brand-Rex reported.

Huelva, on the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Spain, is one of the busiest Mediterranean ports and handles both international trade and fishing cargo. It has recently been expanded to increase the size of its entrance canal, and the authorities running the port needed a network to connect the various offices and entry ports around the complex. Brand-Rex's Spanish office worked in conjunction with authorized installer ACISA on the project. Brand-Rex used 12-fiber cable with 10-mm MicroBlo two-way product.

Brand-Rex's telecom business development manager Colin Dennison called the project a "brilliant achievement," adding, "Air-blown installations are usually implemented on a smaller scale, and 40 kilometers is certainly an ambitious length to install.

"We were conscious that longer distances affect quality, and in this instance by using 12-fiber cables and 6-mm MciroBlo product blown into a 10-mm microduct, we were able to keep quality loss to a minimum," he says.

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