KMI conference will focus on developing optical fiber markets

Sept. 4, 2003
Sept. 4, 2003 - Event will take place in Newport, RI.

KMI's upcoming Newport Conference on Fiberoptics Markets will focus on developing markets.

The conference will take place Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Newport, RI. This will be the 26th annual conference for KMI.

A new development at this year's conference will be the addition of a components track on the last day. This components track has been organized by KMI's sister company, Strategies Unlimited.

The program is designed to address the questions raised most frequently about the market in the past year. These include:

 What's the status of fiber-to-the-home; what do the recent FCC decisions mean, and what can be concluded from the regional Bell company RFP in the summer of 2003?

 What's happening in metro applications, what technologies are being taken up, how fast is that segment growing, and how much does it offset the collapse in long-distance?

 What's the status of fiber-to-the-business, how many business buildings have a fiber connection to telecom networks, and what is the outlook for connecting more?

 What non-telecom applications might offer growth opportunities?

All of these questions are part of this year's conference mission to help companies in the optical fiber industry allocate resources to more successfully pursue market segments after the collapse of the long-distance or backbone markets.

Speakers will include John White, executive director for fiber-to-the-premise, Verizon; Ted Shields, CEO of GeoResults, and Dr. Jey Jeyapalan, consultant.

The conference will also feature a forwarding-looking session to cover the present status and future developments in broadband powerline technology, which uses the electric-power distribution network's low or medium-voltage conductors to deliver data communication services to end-users. This technology may compete with optical fiber for part of the telecom network, such as access networks, and may also offer the potential to require more fiber in complimentary applications, such as feeder, backbone, or other support infrastructure.

KMI Research, based in Providence, RI, provides market research and strategic consulting services for the optical networking industry. KMI is a Research Unit of PennWell Corp.'s Advanced Technology Division. For more information visit

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