Study: Worldwide use of optical fiber connectors is in recovery

June 20, 2003
June 20, 2003 - ElectroniCast forecast says consumption will grow in next five years.

The worldwide use of optical fiber connectors is now in recovery and consumption is expected to climb in the next five years, according to ElectroniCast Corp.

The forecasting company made the announcement in its latest publication: the Fiber Optic Connector/Mechanical Splice Global Market Forecast. The market analysis and forecast presents volume, price and value data, starting with 1998 and ending in 2011.

"The worldwide use of fiber optic connectors, adapters plus mechanical splices was less than $600 million back in 1998," says Stephen Montgomery, president of the market forecast consultancy. "By year 2000, the consumption value climbed over $900 million; and the study results show that we are now experiencing a recovery. By year 2008, worldwide consumption will climb over the $2.5 billion mark."

ElectroniCast's study provides clients with market analysis and forecast of several types of connectors, including singlemode and multimode, simplex and multichannel/multifiber, FC, SC, ST, MU, LC, MT-RJ, ESCON, several SFF types, others, as well as adapters and mechanical splices.

The report is segmented, further, by providing data by region (North America, Asia, Europe, Rest of World). The report also provides details of several end-use applications and competitive market share data for captive and merchant markets.

ElectroniCast, based in San Mateo, CA, is a forecaster for the optical fiber, optoelectronic and photonic industries. For more information visit

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