TRITEC revamps Web page

Dec. 10, 2003
Dec. 10, 2003 - Site now has animated online guide to fusion splicing.

TRITEC is revamping its Web presence with the introduction of a new animated online guide to fusion splicing.

This guide has been designed to answer the many questions asked by newcomers to the optical fiber market. The site now uses flash animations to extensively illustrate the different splicing and cleaving processes. These are designed to make the site both interesting and informative.

The new section of the Web site, which is available at, is split into three main parts. The first section of the site, "What is optical fiber?" covers topics such as how optical fiber is made and what it is used for.

The second section, "What is fusion splicing?" explains why fiber needs to be spliced, the different techniques for jointing fiber and the fundamentals of fusion splicing.

The third section, "What is fixed alignment splicing?" explains the technique of fixed v-groove splicing and its advantages. The answers to these main questions can be accessed by clicking on the light bulb logo from anywhere within TRITEC's main Web site. Links are also provided from the FAQ to relevant product pages to give practical examples of the topics being discussed.

TRITEC will extend this section of the Web site in future with more in-depth information on the various aspects of optical fiber and fusion splicing.

TRITEC, a manufacturer of splicing kits, is based in the United Kingdom. For more information visit

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