Tyco Electronics introduces harsh-environment connectivity system

Dec. 18, 2003
Dec. 18, 2003-Called EtherSeal, the system uses AMP Netconnect Category 5e components and is available shielded or unshielded.

Tyco Electronics announced the introduction of the AMP Netconnect EtherSeal Connectivity System, a system that will protect critical data communication in harsh environments against temperature and moisture extremes, dust, vibration, EMI noise, and chemical exposure while protecting against accidental disconnects.

"Traditional Ethernet connectors and cables are being designed into environments that far surpass the environmental specification of the standard connectors found in offices," said Tony Beam, director of AMP Netconnect business development for Tyco Electronics. "We saw a need for connectivity systems that would withstand these harsh environments, often found in factories, hospitals, and outdoor environments. The AMP Netconnect EtherSeal Connectivity System really fills that niche, offering a product that can handle the harsher environmental conditions."

According to its manufacturer, the AMP Netconnect EtherSeal Connectivity System, unlike many industrial connectors for harsh environments, offers an easy-to-use, positive coupling mechanism. The EtherSeal connector system provides a positive, secure IP67 interface that uses a push-on latch with audible feedback and simple twist to disconnect.

EtherSeal connectors use components compliant with existing cabling standards, supporting data rates up to 1 Gbit/sec, and add additional benefits of mechanical performance, construction, and secure mating, Tyco states. In total, the system withstands rugged exposure to the various elements found in harsh environments.

The system uses the same AMP Netconnect Category 5e components as standard product lines. It is available in 110 and toolless termination methods and with shielded and unshielded systems. Tyco Electronics offers the complete AMP Netconnect EtherSeal Connectivity System including jack kits, plug kits, couplers, cable, cable assemblies, and accessory products such as faceplates and enclosures. The system offers compliance with existing standards and usability in harsh environments, as well as the performance and reliability needed to secure networks for proposed and future applications, Tyco says.

More information is available at this web site: www.ampnetconnect.com/etherseal.

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