TIA publishes new optical fiber test procedure

Dec. 11, 2003
Dec. 11, 2003 - Document is a revision of TIA/EIA-455-67.

The Telecommunication Industry Association has adopted IEC-60793-1-51, Optical -- Part 1-51: Measurement Methods and Test Procedures -- Dry Heat, as an American national standard, fiber optic test procedure (FOTP)-67, TIA-455-67-A.

The document is a revision of TIA/EIA-455-67 and replaces TIA/EIA-455-70.

This part of IEC 60793 provides a practical method for evaluating optical fiber performance in a defined environment. The purpose of this standard is to determine the suitability of optical fiber (types A1a to A1d and B1 to B4) to withstand the environmental condition of high temperature (dry heat) which may occur in actual use, storage and/or transport. The test is intended primarily to permit the observation of effects of high temperature over a given period.

TIA-455-67-A was adopted by TIA-FO-4.6 Subcommittee on Optical Fibers and released in September.

The TIA is based in Arlington, VA. For more information visit www.tiaonline.org.

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