Spediant sees progress toward establishment of copper bonding standard

Oct. 13, 2003
Oct. 13, 2003 - Company says it is now attracting customers for trials.

Spediant Systems has declared that progress by the ITU-T G-BOND committee toward establishment of a copper bonding standard is helping to accelerate carrier acceptance of multi-loop DSL technology.

The company believes that its initial success in attracting customers for trials is proof of this trend.

Spediant made the announcement at the opening of the ITU Telecom World 2003 Show in Geneva, Switzerland. International standards committee activity is moving quickly toward establishment of a standard for bonded copper technologies, or multi-loop DSL. Spediant and other companies have made numerous contributions in recent months to T1.E1.4 and ITU-T for committee deliberation, and the standard is expected to be established in 2004.

Multi-loop DSL combines multiple local loop copper pairs to deliver increased long-reach symmetric bandwidth using the existing telephone company infrastructure.

"Several field trials are currently in progress, both in the U.S. and internationally," says Haim Volinsky, vice president of marketing and sales for Spediant. "These carriers are learning that multi-loop DSL allows them to deliver the bandwidth that their small to medium-sized enterprise customers and offices of larger companies are asking for, without the need to install fiber."

Multi-loop DSL aggregates the bandwidth of up to eight copper pairs, enabling capacity ranging from several megabits per second for high-speed Internet access to more than 10 Mbps for native-rate, wide area Ethernet networking.

Spediant is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information visit www.spediant.com.

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