GS Metals introduces Flextray RF

July 16, 2003
July 16, 2003 - Design takes new approach to cable tray installation in the raised floor environment.

GS Metals - FLEXTRAY is introducing a new product family, Flextray RF.

The technology is designed to allow cable trays to be installed in the raised floor environment in a new way. The installation is designed to be 100% self-supporting, requiring no cutting and or tools for installation.

Most tray systems attach to the pedestal supports, or require stringered access flooring systems, an installation that may raise warranty issues with the access flooring installer. Cutting tools are required, and labor can be extensive during the installation. These systems may not allow future access for reconfiguration, or the addition of more tray segments.

The Flextray RF System is self-supporting. It is installed with two vertical supports that fit around the floor support, but do not require attachment to it. Floor stanchions can be round or square, centered or offset, and with or without stringers.

The construction is designed to eliminate labor or materials that require splicing. Horizontal support bars snap into the vertical supports and trays can simply be laid and locked into place. Bends, tees and intersections are completed with a flat grid, which locks into the horizontal supports. This eliminates the need for any cutting of the trays, or on-site reconfiguration. Multiple layers of tray can be installed using the RF system, and future additions of tray can be added with minimal disruption to existing tray sections.

GS Metals Corp. is based in Pinckneyville, IL. For more information visit

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