Fluke Networks packages verification products for contractors and network administrators

Oct. 8, 2003
October 8, 2003--Through year's end purchasers of the MicroScanner Pro VDV Kit will also receive an installation tool kit free.

Fluke Networks (www.flukenetworks.com) recently announced a bundled-product offering aimed at datacom installers, electrical contractors, and network administrators. The MicroScanner Pro VDV Kit is a verification package for voice, data, and video cabling.

The kit includes a MicroScanner Pro cable verification tester, MicroProbe toner probe, remote wiremap adapter, office/room ID set, and adapters for testing coaxial cabling and two-conductor wire. Included as well is the "Business in a Box" CD-ROM, which focuses on the basics of residential VDV applications and explains cable types, cabling preparation, termination, installation standards and practices, and proper testing methods.

"The MicroScanner Pro VDV Kit equips users at any knowledge level with all the tools and information they need to verify voice, data communications, and video cabling installations," says David McLean, marketing manager for MicroTools. "Rather than purchasing multiple products for different applications, customers appreciate a single tool set that verifies and troubleshoots twisted-pair copper, coax cabling, and two-conductor security and control cabling."

Through December 31, 2003, customers who purchase the MicroScanner Pro VDV Kit will receive a free Installation Tool Kit. It combines the tools needed to strip, crimp, and terminate UTP cable and connectors, including a UTP/STP cable-jacket stripper, a punchdown tool with a swappable tip for 66 and 110 blocks, and an RJ-45 connector crimping tool.

The MicroScanner Pro VDV Kit is available through channels including datacom distributors, electrical and security wholesalers, and other distributors and catalog houses. The U.S. list price is $599.

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