Molex Premise Networks unveils Xpress-Lock

July 8, 2003
July 8, 2003 - Connector is designed to maximize field efficiency with minimum termination time.

Molex Premise Networks has unveiled its Xpress-Lock, a new field terminable MT-RJ connector

Xpress-Lock is designed to maximize field efficiency with minimum termination time and offer total flexibility. It is an industry standard MT-RJ connector designed according to the industry FOCIS intermateability standard (TIA/EIA-604-12).

The connector is available in three performance types: 62.5 micron, 50 micron and enhanced 50 micron for use with laser optimized fibers.

The Xpress-Lock features:

* Minimum termination time - The termination process typically takes less than two minutes, includes one step cable preparation, requires no special tools and is a simple step-by-step procedure requiring no special training.
* Flexibility - The connector provides flexibility by being reusable. It can be terminated up to 10 times if required, and is available with or without pins, allowing field termination of patch cords if necessary.
* Design features - The connector is designed for efficiency with positive confirmation of properly seated fibers within the connector, color-coded connector boots to clearly distinguish 62.5 from 50 micron fiber, a unique shuttered adapter which protects fibers from dust ingress and end-users from laser emissions, and a dual stain relief mechanism which protects the integrity of the terminated connector.

Molex Premise Networks now offers an end-to-end Xpress-Lock MT-RJ connectivity solution with patented shuttered adapter, mounting collars and six-pack shuttered MT-RJ Adapter plate.

The Xpress-Lock connectors are tested to Bellcore standards GR-2919-CORE, GR-765-CORE and GR-326-CORE.

Molex Premise Networks is based in Hudson, NH. For more information visit

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