Senko carrying two new optical-test products

July 24, 2003
July 24, 2003--Both product sets are from Japanese manufacturer Haktronics.

Senko Advanced Components ( now distributes two optical-test products manufactured by Haktronics.

The optical-loss test set includes an optical power meter, LED light sources for the 850- and 1300-nm wavebands, and an AC/DC adapter. The set is enclosed in a carrying case and features interchangeable SC, ST, and biconic connectors, as well as plug-in-type LED light source units.

The MiNi series is a two-piece measuring system for reading optical power in singlemode and multimode fiber. The MiNi LD/LED light source is roughly the size of a business card and weighs 130 grams. It features a single button that allows the user to switch output modes. The MiNi power meter has a build-in InGaAs photo-diode sensor and has a measuring range of -70 to +5 dBm, with 0.01-dB resolution. It operates in the 850-, 1310-, 1550- and 1625-nm wavelengths. Both units of in the MiNi series contain NiCad batteries with automatic power-off after 10 minutes of inactivity. The series accommodates SC-style connectors.

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