OFS cable selected for natural gas line project

April 1, 2003
April 1, 2003 - DuctSaver FX cable can be installed in active gas pipelines.

OFS's DuctSaver FX cable was selected by the city of Long Beach, CA to be installed in one mile of natural gas lines.

The new technology permits cable to be installed in active gas pipelines. The DuctSaver FX cable will connect several buildings in Long Beach, giving them broadband access for the first time.

The technology created by Sempra Fiber Links, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, allows for the installation and operation of an optical fiber-based communications system inside a pipeline while gas is flowing, eliminating the need for reengineering. The process does not require street trenching in the manner of traditional laying of fiber and, for that reason, it is quicker, less costly to install, and less disruptive to traffic and urban-planning schemes.

The Sempra Fiber Links' fiber-in-gas (FIG) system incorporates patent-pending fittings that allow the insertion and extraction of a conduit through active natural gas pipelines without disrupting the service.
OFS' DuctSaver FX cable is an all-dielectric optical fiber cable measuring 5.8 mm (0.23 in) in diameter. It is designed to run in utility lines, existing city ducts and gas lines and has been successfully deployed previously here in the US and in Europe. The 48-fiber count cable design allows for a higher fiber density in a smaller space, dramatically increasing the capacity of rights-of-way.

"The DuctSaver FX cable is an ideal choice for the new and very popular microduct system technologies. By installing DuctSaver FX cable in city ducts, service providers can ramp-up in a time and cost efficient manner," says Paul Neuhart, president of Optical Fiber Cable & Connectivity for OFS. "In addition, the design fits a multiple sub-duct application perfectly. This provides an open upgrade path allowing for new advances in technology to handle the traffic without the addition of new infrastructure."

OFS, based in Atlanta, GA, is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of leading edge optical fiber, optical fiber cable. For more information visit www.ofsoptics.com.

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