NORDX/CDT announces intelligent management system

Feb. 26, 2003
Feb. 26, 2003--The system, called IntelliMAC, incorporates software-based technology developed by iTRACS Corp.

NORDX/CDT (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cable Design Technologies, and iTRACS ( have announced a partnership between the two companies, by which NORDX/CDT will license, manufacture, market and distribute intelligent cable-management systems based on iTRACS technology. The system will consist of NORDX/CDT hardware including patch panels, cords, and iTRACS Analyzer monitoring equipment.

The system is called IntelliMAC and is part of NORDX/CDT's IBDN line of cabling systems. "We have taken our top-of-the-line GigaFlex products and incorporated iTRACS technology into them," explains Andre Mouton, NORDX/CDT's product line manager for the system." He emphasizes that under the terms of the partnership, NORDX/CDT and iTRACS will market the IntelliMAC system together. NORDX/CDT will market and support the system's hardware-including patch cords, patch panels, and active monitoring software-and iTRACS will market and support the software.

iTRACS software monitors the hardware to self-discover the network topology in data centers, communications room and wiring spaces. It automatically detects both authorized and unauthorized changes, uses patent-pending technology to pinpoint wiring trouble spots, alerts IT staff to problems, and issues work orders or trouble tickets to initiate corrective action. All iTRACS circuitry is isolated from the network, ensuring that the system does not impact data flow or network performance.

Users can purchase the system with the cable-management technology built in, or can purchase components that allow them to retrofit an existing system with the technology.

"We chose to partner with iTRACS because of the company's expertise, and for three other primary reasons," Mouton continued. "First is iTRACS's global presence. They can follow us anywhere in the world that we have clients. Next is their experience, with both hardware and software, in very large installations. And also for iTRACS's commitment to technology development. The technology incorporated into the system will not remain stagnant; it will continue to develop."

IntelliMAC products are now available, Mouton says, although currently they are being shipped on a project-by-project basis rather than through more-traditional channels. He expects that to be the case until the later part of March.

Mouton says the system currently is targeted at customers "with very specific needs, such as system security or protection. Someone who wants to add security to their structured cabling system can do so through this system."

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