GigaBIX carries NORDX into the future

NORDX/CDT introduced the GigaBIX Cross-Connect System at the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando.

In an effort to provide a higher-density, proposed Category 6 system, NORDX/CDT ( recently introduced the GigaBIX Cross-Connect System at the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando. This represents the company's first major product development since the introduction of the BIX block in the late 1970's

Originally designed for voice communications, the BIX block was later tested and found to be Category 5E compliant for data. Now, GigaBIX builds on this proven technology and provides data connectivity compliant with current Category 6 drafts in addition to providing high termination density and increased ease of moves, adds, and changes.

Traditional BIX blocks have proven to be capable of performing at the proposed Category 6 levels, yet installation and maintenance are much more difficult than with the GigaBIX. Benoit Chevarie, product line manager in charge of GigaBIX, describes the new system as "error free." It features an easy-to-install modular design with features such as color-coding and a wire guard, both aimed at protecting the already terminated pairs.

In addition to providing a higher-density, data-transmission system, according to Chevarie, NORDX has adapted the BIX accessories to the new high-performance environment and introduced GigaBIX patch cords, GigaBIX cross-connect wires, GigaBIX Termination Kits, and additional accessories. Accessories have been designed to protect the bend radius of the cable while also presenting an aesthetically appealing picture. One example is the cable management module, which allows the cable to be run behind the mount.

Patch cords are available in six various lengths and cross-connect wires are supplied in 1,000 foot spools in an effort to minimize hardware costs. The cross-connect system is provided at a 75 percent cost reduction, per connection, over competing systems, while the patch cord system remains competitive with other options on the market.

Additionally, the system guarantees a channel bandwidth of up to 300 MHz and offers a data rate of up to 4.8 Gigabits per second. Expected to begin shipping at the end of January 2001, GigaBIX has already been ordered by Montreal based Standard Life Insurance, TRW, and Federal Express.

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