Tyco/AMP introduces residential cabling system

Nov. 29, 2001
November 29, 2001 The company initially will target the line at multiple dwelling unit residences.

Tyco Electronics recently announced the introduction of the AMP Netconnect (www.ampnetconnect.com) Residential Cabling System. The company says that initially, the system is targeting the multiple dwelling unit (MDU) segment of the residential market.

The system includes a commercial-grade wiring enclosure that supports up to 18 outlets and can be centralized in a building or planned community. The system supports either Category 5e unshielded twisted-pair or optical-fiber cabling, and is capable of handling Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates.

The cabling runs from these centralized distribution centers to individual enclosures supporting up to 12 outlets, mounted in each dwelling unit. Each enclosure supports a combination of passive and active electronics, such as routers and gateways or a wireless bridge.

From there, voice, data, and video signals are distributed to multimedia wall outlets that support coaxial and twisted-pair ports.

All active electronics and cabling specified by customers who deploy the system will be sold separately.

"The widespread availability and rapid adoption rates of new commercial broadband services and an accelerating migration of the workplace from the traditional office to residential environments are fueling market demand for cost-effective and reliable structured cabling solutions," the company said when making the announcement.

"We're enabling developers and property management companies to derive new, recurring sources of revenue from the wide array of commercially available broadband services now emerging," says David Straka, manager of residential sales for Tyco. "By installing our new system infrastructure at the time of construction, building owners are positioned to deliver fee-based voice, data, video, high-speed Internet access, digital television, video-on-demand, voice-over-IP, and Internet audio/radio services to their occupants."

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