Almetco Enclosures

April 26, 2001 Almetco introduces Advanced Series Upright enclosures.

April 26, 2001 Almetco Enclosures' 29-inch-wide Advanced Series Upright Enclosures provide multiple rack mounting capabilities that you can configure in the field without additional parts. Removable panels can include a cable gland for dust prevention and an optional air filter that can be changed from outside the enclosure without disturbing any equipment inside. Cooling fans are available for the top of the enclosure and on the doors, depending on the application, and the fans can be purchased with or without the bottom filter unit. The enclosures feature a beveled frame design and have a textured powder-coated finish.

Also featuring a beveled frame design, each WE Series Wall Mount Enclosure is supplied with two pair of 19-inch Electric Industries Alliance (EIA-Arlington, VA)-spaced rack mounting rails that are adjustable front-to-rear. The enclosure is available with a tempered safety glass front door or a solid steel front door, depending on the application. Both the front door and the enclosure main section are key-locked for security. Cable management is available for the enclosure providing cable routing for vertical, horizontal, and front-to-rear cable runs. For more information visit

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