Microtest Expands MicroTools Product Line

April 10, 2001 Microtest, Inc. has added three new products to the MicroTools line.

April 10, 2001 Microtest, Inc. (www.microtest.com) has added three new products to the MicroTools line. The new tools, MicroMapper, MicroNetBlink, and MicroProbe, join the flagship MICROSCANNER Pro line. The line extension is focused on addressing fundamental diagnostic needs of network administrators and installers, and includes tools useful for both residential and commercial network testing.

The MicroMapper is a compact handheld cable tester that enables network professionals to quickly and easily verify the integrity of local network twisted pair cabling. The MicroMapper employs a remote unit to enable one-person testing of installed cabling or patch cords. It also emits a standard tone to aid locating cabling and network jacks in the wiring closet.

The MicroNetBlink quickly and easily identifies network ports and cables through both analog toning and digital signaling methods. The result is identification of cabling and network ports in crowded telecom/datacom wiring closets. The MicroNetBlink will flash hub and switch port lights for immediate port location on active networks. It will emit a warbling tone for wire identification using a standard inductive probe on terminated or unterminated cabling. The tone generator can be used to trace cables and locate faults. The MicroNetBlink will also verify cable continuity, pair condition, line polarity, and voltage in network cabling systems, modular telephone lines and coaxial systems.

The MicroProbe is an inductive probe with a non-conducting tip for tracing cables and locating network jacks. The MicroProbe traces cables through walls, floors and ceilings and even when cables are in a bundle. Both visual and audible indicators are incorporated into the MicroProbe.

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