Stratos Conversion Links

April 26, 2001 Stratos Lightwave introduces new conversion links.

April 26, 2001 Stratos Lightwave's MHSDC Series uses a HSSDC copper interface on the host side and a LC fiber-optic interface on the other. Because of their reduced size, the links do not protrude far behind the equipment, so they are less likely to cause mechanical interference. These Small Form Factor (SFF) copper-to-optical links are available in both short- and long-wavelength versions. Both the short- and long-wavelength products are available in 1.0625- or 2.125-Gbit/sec data rates, and are offered in both 3.3- and five-volt versions. All links are Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL-Chicago) 1950-listed, comply with FDA Radiation Performance Standards, and can be plugged and un-plugged from systems that are under power and in operation. For more information visit

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