WCA Comments on FCC 3G Report

April 4, 2001 The Wireless Communications Association (WCA) has issued a statement in response to the Federal Communications Commission spectrum study report.

The Wireless Communications Association (WCA) (www.wcai.com) issued the following statement in response to the Federal Communications Commission report entitled "Spectrum Study of the 2500-2690 MHz Band: The Potential for Accommodating Third Generation Mobile Systems."

The Wireless Communications Association commends the FCC's exhaustively researched findings that advance U.S. policies toward deregulation, coherent spectrum policy and market forces as the best way to promote advanced services for the public. The FCC's report confirms what WCA and others in the MDS/ITFS community have been saying throughout this proceeding. There is no comparable spectrum to which MDS and ITFS licensees can be relocated. Any attempt to segment the 2500-2690 MHz band, without undermining the deployment of broadband wireless services and the benefits that deployment will bring to the educational community, would raise substantial policy and regulatory issues that cannot readily be resolved.

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