Patch Panels and Spec Sheets

May 1, 2001 Panduit announces new patch panels and spec sheets.

May 1, 2001 Panduit announces the addition of two models to its line of Mini-Com modular patch panels. One addition is a 32-port patch panel that occupies one rack space, increasing density-per-rack unit by eight ports, compared to a standard high-density 24-port panels. The second panel is a 24-port recessed model, also occupying one rack space unit. This recessed panel is designed for use in cabinets employing a door, since the three-inch recessed design provides extra clearance for patch cords and bend radius control. Like the other panels in the line, these panels feature front-removable snap-in faceplates for front access to modules.

Panduit offers three free spec sheets covering the features of the company's Opticom HD line of enclosures. The first spec sheet (SA117N308-OP) discusses the line's rack mount fiber-optic modular enclosures for protecting and organizing fiber-optic cables and connector, splitter, and wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) modules in interconnect and crossconnect applications. A second spec sheet (SA117N309-OP) provides data on the line's rack mount fiber-optic connector enclosures, designed for the management of connectors and cables. The third spec sheet (SA117N310-OP) includes information on the company's telecommunications equipment racks and accessories, which provide support structures for fiber-optic enclosures, cable management, and active equipment.

For help with selecting one of the company's cable management systems, Panduit announces a series of spec sheets for vertical, horizontal, In-Cabinet, and Open-Access cable management systems. Each spec sheet describes detailed technical data, features, benefits, and application information. The vertical and horizontal cable management systems feature duct-style cable managers for fiber-optic, Category 6, and coaxial cabling. A second spec sheet covers the In-Cabinet cable management system, a modular system featuring wiring duct to manage and organize patch cords and distribution cable within a cabinet. The Open-Access spec sheet provides information on how the system's horizontal D-ring panels and rack-mounted vertical D-rings offer flexibility and efficiency for moves, adds, and changes. For more information visit

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