Ease cable pulls with hanging spool dispenser

The Thomas Wheeler from Rack-A-Tiers suspends cable spools and boxes from beams or ladders.

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The Thomas Wheeler, produced by Rack-A-Tiers, suspends a cable spool or box off the floor enabling easier cable pulls, the company says. In typical setups, illustrated at the bottom of this page, the Thomas Wheeler hangs from a wooden beam or from a T-bar on a step ladder.

The coil dispenser is collapsible and weighs 6 pounds. The disc, made of PVC, is 20 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall; the yellow bracket, made of steel, is 24 inches in length.

The company says that using this product to suspend the cable during the pull helps eliminate waste by providing smooth, tension-free pulling to reduce the risk of kinks, twists or breaks in the cable. The spinner also works for Romex, MC cable, flexible conduit and other dispensed products.

The Thomas Wheeler is available for purchase through CableOrganizer.com.

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