Clearfield unveils small count fiber management tool

Jan. 11, 2011
FieldSmart SCD wallbox accommodates multiple fiber sheaths, each protected within its own cassette, to isolate one fiber sheath from another within the same enclosure.

Clearfield Inc. has introduced its FieldSmart Small Count Delivery (SCD) Wall Box xWB2 for fiber management. The FieldSmart SCD xWB2 can be paired with up to two Clearview Cassettes to land small port count fiber terminations and optical components.

"Last spring's introduction of the FieldSmart SCD xWB1 brought fiber management to environments of 2 to 6 fiber counts, but broadband service providers told us it left a hole in the market for a low-priced, 12- to 24-port system that didn't compromise fiber protection," says Johnny Hill, chief operating officer for Clearfield.

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The FieldSmart SCD xWB2 kit complements the FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Point (FDP) Wall Mount Panel line, which provides three footprint designs that deliver 36 to 144 ports of fiber management in a traditional sheet-metal configuration.

Kitted with a Clearfield-designed U-Mount, the FieldSmart SCD xWB2 makes fiber slack-storage an integrated element of the total solution. Although technicians are working in a small space, bend-radius protection is not compromised, according to a company spokesperson.

The FieldSmart SCD xWB2 is well suited for in-building needs, such as business-class demarcations, MDU distribution points, and IDF locations in enterprise networks, as well as pole-mount applications in outside plant environments. The FieldSmart SCD box accommodates multiple fiber sheaths, each protected within its own Clearview Cassette, to isolate one fiber sheath from another within the same enclosure.

Kitted packages of the FieldSmart SCD Wall Boxes are available from Clearfield distribution partners, priced starting at $199 for 12 ports of fiber management.

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