Estimating system for contractors with many projects

McCormick Systems says its WIN 4000 offers accuracy, flexibility and adaptability.

The WIN 4000 estimating package from McCormick Systems was developed for mid-sized to larger contractors. Todd McCormick, president of McCormick systems, said, "We now offer four complete systems, including the WIN 1000, 3000 and 6000. The WIN 4000 is designed for the company that will estimate many projects."

The package includes the following standard features.

  • Multiple levels of pricing, labor and hundreds of ways to break out a job
  • The ability to have four windows open on screen during take-off, cutting estimating time
  • A regularly expanded and enhanced database with numerous individual items and ready-to-use assemblies
  • An integrated scheduling program that allows the WIN 4000 user to be the leader in a project's scheduling and management
  • The ability to attach documents and photos to a file for reference
  • Configured according to customer's specification as a single-user, LAN-networkable or ready for users in multiple locations via a WAN

The WIN 4000 package was created for experienced electrical contractors, plumbing and mechanical companies, those doing automated building systems work, and firms pursuing transmission and distribution projects, McCormick Systems says.

Todd McCormick added, "We've worked diligently on this new product. We conceived it after listening closely to the contractors and their estimators. We created it only after learning more about how they estimate and working with them to determine their needs.

"While this system is not as sophisticated as our top-of-the-line WIN 6000 product, it certainly provides, as standard, all of the functionality, the ability to customize the estimate, and even project-management choices."

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