2. Lawsuits

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Like any business, the cabling industry is going to include its share of disagreements that get settled through our judicial system. One such case that interested a great many of you is the ongoing litigation between cabling-systems distributor Anixter and cable manufacturer Commodity Cables. In June we reported that Anixter was suing Commodity. Shortly thereafter we reported that Commodity had filed a counterclaim against Anixter. The case is ongoing and I have not gotten an update in a number of weeks. But since our initial coverage, Commodity Cables issued a letter to its customers steadfastly denying the accusations made against it.

Another legal matter that piqued some interest is the efforts of AFL against companies that sell its fusion splicing products online. We told you about AFL's initial lawsuit filing, then followed up with an early "win" for AFL in one case, and an initial-round "draw" in another case.

These legal matters bear watching closely because they can directly affect the manner in which you purchase cabling and cabling-related products.

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