10. Cabling for healthcare systems

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From a cultural standpoint (in the United States at least and likely in other parts of the world as well) healthcare is a formerly sleeping giant that is just beginning to grumble into consciousness. Over the next several years it promises (or threatens) to have a major impact on our society - economically, socially, technologically and likely in other ways as well.

We're all pretty well aware of the situation in a nutshell. Our aging population will see its collective health decline slowly over a longer lifespan than that of previous generations. Providing care for this population will challenge many of our institutions. The use of technology to increase the efficiency with which this care is delivered, presents opportunities for professionals in our field. As such, the concept of cabling for healthcare (including hospitals, medical offices, telehealth and more) is gaining increased attention. We have covered the topic from time to time and have compiled some of that coverage here. This is a topic that is sure to remain important for our industry, and for many others, in years to come.

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