Cabling-project estimating program for small and mid-size contractors

McCormick Systems' WIN 1000 is an entry-level estimating package that users can trade in for full credit when ready to upgrade.

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McCormick Systems describes its WIN 1000 estimating system as "a great place to start for the small to mid size contractor," and also describes it as part of a dramatic revamp of the estimating systems McCormick offers to contractors.

"We had an 'entry-level' product before," company president Todd McCormick said. "With the 1000, we've refined it, improved it, and now we offer more features. A contractor starting out with this system could use it and be successful for many years." The WIN 1000 system is available in editions for electrical contractors, low-voltage/automated-building systems contractors, transmission-and-distribution contractors, as well as plumbing and mechanical companies.

Additionally, the system is available in the following three versions.

  1. Single-user, standalone system
  2. Gold - Networkable on a LAN. More than one estimator can use the WIN 1000 in one location. With this system, the contractor does not need to merge estimates from two or more people, which dramatically reduces the chance for mistakes, McCormick notes.
  3. Platinum - Networkable on a WAN. Employees at various locations can work with this version of the WIN 1000.

Each version comes with a database complete with items and assemblies. McCormick also offers upgrades - the WIN 3000, 4000 and 6000 systems. A contractor who purchased the WIN 1000 system and is ready to upgrade receives a 100-percent trade-in credit regardless of the length of time the WIN 1000 system has been owned and used.

Todd McCormick added, "We now offer four estimating systems, which can also be used for project management, each in three versions. And they've each been created to serve contractors in each of four markets - electrical, ABS, T-and-D, and plumbing-and-mechanical.

"We've done this in response to contractor requests. With these choices, the customer literally can have what he or she wants, and in precisely the way it needs to be."

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