Wire duct goes halogen-free

Duct's material reduces flame propagation, eliminates toxins and minimizes smoke production.

The IBOCO Corporation introduced a line of halogen-free wiring duct. The new duct is designed to reduce flame propagation, eliminate toxins and minimize the amount of smoke produced in a control panel. IBOCO's president Andrew Kwarciak stated that the halogen-free duct continues the company's tradition of "innovation that provides unique and dynamic applications in panel management."

The halogen-free line of wire duct meets specifications for control and panel installations in railway stations, airports, hospitals, public building, subways and ships. Initially at least, the company is offering the duct in the following eight sizes.

1x2 (25x50 mm)
1x3 (25x75 mm)
1.5x2 (37.5x50 mm)
2x2 (50x50 mm)
2x3 (50x75 mm)
2x4 (50x100 mm)
3x3 (75x75 mm)
3x4 (75x100 mm)

IBOCO marketing manager Mark Keitel said additional options are available by special request.

The duct has an operating temperature range of -25 to +70 degrees Celsius. It meets UL 94 V-1 flammability ratings as well as the UL 1565 standard for safety of wire positioning devices. The duct is light gray in color.

The company wants its customers to know the mounting holes on the base of this halogen-free duct are different from those on the PVC offering. As a result, accessories cannot be used with this product.

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