Probe blocks interference for easy line tracing

Common pests AC power and lighting are no problem because of this probe's digital-signal processing capability.

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The Quiet Trace DFP810 Digital Filter Probe is a cable- and wire-tracing device that blocks interfering noise from common sources including AC power and lighting systems. Its manufacturer, Kurth Electronic, explains that the widely used technique of finding wires using tone-tracing techniques is faster and easier using the DFP810 than other probes, especially near power wiring and fluorescent lighting.

"Digital signal processing makes it possible for the DFP810 non-contact tone receiving probe to sense tracing tones applies to wire and cables," Kurth says, "and distinguish them from the noise represented by the harmonic tones created by 60-Hz power and powered systems."

This demo video shows the DFP810's performance compared to other probe options.

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