OFS re-brands FTTX line

March 7, 2008
March 7, 2008 -- OFS has re-branded its Access ADVANTAGE System as the FOX [Fiber Optics to the X] Solution.

March 7, 2008 -- At last month's OFC/NFOEC in San Diego, OFS announced that it is re-branding its Access ADVANTAGE System as the FOX [Fiber Optics to the X] Solution. The company says the new name better reflects "the broadening diversity" of its FTTX platform for multiple applications.

"The change of name to FOX Solution demonstrates our commitment to consistently expand our FTTX product and solution portfolio to enable our customers to more efficiently support fiber to the business and residence, in addition to serving utilities, windfarms, transportation management, and other fiber to the X applications," explains William Kloss, OFS's executive VP of marketing and sales, North America & CALA. "Additionally, as we have seen our customer and application base diversifying for this product line, we wanted to accelerate brand recognition with an easily recognized symbol reflective of the acronym for Fiber Optics to the X."

The FOX Solution is billed as an end-to-end FTTX offering that helps service providers to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) for fiber to the home, businesses, and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) deployments in a range of environments, including those previously hard to reach. The company says the platform offers fast, cost-effective network installation to help reduce first cost, with support to help reduce life cycle cost. The product line supports ultra high speed video, data, HDTV, voice, online gaming, and other revenue-generating services.

Key components of the FOX Solution include OFS's: OptiCost modeling and design services; AllWave and bend-optimized AllWave FLEX Zero Water Peak (ZWP) fibers; LGX Central Office/Head End Solution; Fortex DT and AccuRibbon DC fully dry cables; AllWave FLEX jumpers and connectorized cable assemblies; ORBITAL Fiber Distribution Cabinet; and the V-Linx Spool & Play Solution for MDU deployments.

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