Twisted pair to coaxial cable balun enables IPTV signal conversion

Jan. 24, 2008
January 24, 2008 -- Pulse has introduced its Excelsus brand B-V175 twisted pair to coaxial balun, which allows DSL or HPN frequencies to be transmitted from twisted pair to coaxial mediums to support VDSL2 and HomePNA deployments.

January 24, 2008 -- Pulse, a Technitrol company, has introduced its Excelsus brand B-V175 twisted pair to coaxial balun. The balun allows digital subscriber line (DSL) or home phoneline networking (HPN) frequencies to be transmitted from twisted pair to coaxial mediums, and vice versa, to support VDSL2 and HomePNA deployments.

According to the company, the balun is easily installed with simple plug-in connections. It matches a 100 Ohm twisted pair cable, which is a balanced signal, to a 75 Ohm coaxial cable, which is an unbalanced signal, without degrading the signal.

Telephone companies transmit their signals over twisted pair wiring; this is the existing home wiring that normally is supplied to a house by the telephone company. A balun is a passive electronic device that converts between balanced and unbalanced electrical signals.

With the Excelsus B-V175, the twisted pair telephone or VDSL2 connectors are plugged into one end of the balun and a coaxial cable that is connected to the other end of the balun is plugged into a set-top box. The signal from the phone/VDSL2 line is then able to be used to supply the set-top box and the TV with Internet protocol television (IPTV).

The B-V175 can pass frequencies from 25 kilohertz (kHz) to 30 megahertz (MHz) from twisted pair to coaxial cable with less than 1.5 decibel (dB) insertion loss across the entire frequency band. In addition, the B-V175 has a filtered phone port for plain old telephone service (POTS) telephones.

"This is the first consumer installable balun product on the market to support VDSL2 and HomePNA deployments," asserts Chad Oblak, Pulse's Telecom division product manager. "With the Excelsus baluns, the telephone company can now utilize coax or twisted pair for VDSL2 and HomePNA deployments."

The B-V175 is the first product in Pulse's Excelsus brand twisted pair to coaxial balun product line, which is to include baluns that support the 12MHz to 28MHz and 36MHz to 52MHz HomePNA frequency bands along with custom frequency bands and applications. In addition, Pulse says it is currently developing baluns for applications such as closed circuit television (CCTV) for security and surveillance.

The B-V175 meets FCC Part 68 standards. The parts are packaged in individual polybags, with prices of $6.50 for volume orders. Detailed specifications are available on data sheet EX100 at on the Pulse website.

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