Gennum showcases consumer HDMI platform at CES

Jan. 7, 2008
January 7, 2008 -- Gennum will demonstrate its semiconductor-based ActiveConnect multimedia HDMI connectivity platform at this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

January 7, 2008 -- Gennum Corp. will demonstrate its ActiveConnect multimedia high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) connectivity platform at this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Targeting high-rate HDMI applications, the semiconductor-based platform is comprised of a transmitter and a receiver and enables consumer, business and industrial applications to stream HDMI content, via low-cost cabling, at distances an order of magnitude greater than cables available today, contends the company.

Further, the platform supports current and legacy versions of HDMI, including 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, enabling backward compatibility with existing equipment.

According to the company, supporting distances up to 100 meters, the ActiveConnect platform supports HDMI 1.3/digital visual interface (DVI) and assures that disparate multimedia products will connect and stream multimedia at the highest specifications available today at distances previously unattainable in a single cable.

Also at CES, Gennum is previewing its ActiveConnect solution supporting the recent DisplayPort 1.1 standard, giving a technology demonstration that highlights PC-to-display connectivity up to 100 meters.

"Increasingly, consumers are acquiring HD products operating at ever-higher levels of performance, with HDMI 1.3 being the latest. The demand for cables that connect these devices is also increasing, but consumers want to maintain the highest level of performance yet go longer and longer distances to achieve the ultimate multimedia experience in their home theaters," comments Martin Rofheart, senior vice president and general manager of Gennum's Analog & Mixed-Signal division. "The Gennum solution is unique in that we can offer cable manufacturers a cost-effective solution that addresses this consumer demand. Indeed, our ActiveConnect solution represents a significant achievement in high-performance, long reach connectivity, which is an important issue for attendees at this year's CES."

At the show, Gennum also announced that the ActiveConnect platform has been selected by several cable and A/V providers. The following companies have announced products and plans to leverage the Gennum ActiveConnect solution in 2008:

Gefen will leverage the ActiveConnect technology in its new HDMI Over RGB Extender product offering, designed to dramatically extend the distance that HDMI signals can reliably be streamed over legacy cables. The Gefen product is capable of streaming high performance HDMI at up to 50 meters and offers a reliable method of extending HDMI signals over standard RGBH&V (red, green, blue, horizontal sync and vertical sync) cables that are terminated with a BNC connector.

"The Gennum ActiveConnect solution allows HDMI to be transmitted in high definition resolutions to any destination where projectors or displays are using RGBH&V cable with BNC. The system employs Gennum's ActiveConnect technology and is capable of delivery up to 150 feet making it well suited for most home installations today," comments Hagai Gefen, president and CEO of Gefen Inc. "Supporting 1080p at 50 meters brings freedom and flexibility to home theater installations, whereby consumers can link various pieces of equipment throughout their home without any degradation in multimedia performance and without the expense of re-cabling. There is no other solution that can provide this performance over existing RGBH&V cables."

The Gefen HDMI over RGB Extender is currently scheduled for a Q2 2008 release to the market.

"The custom install market has been looking for a solution that will deliver the HDMI performance that they require, yet without the expense of all new cabling," offers Gennum's Rofheart. "Leveraging ActiveConnect, the Gefen HDMI over RGB Extender delivers that capability and its unprecedented connectivity distance enables Gefen to truly differentiate its offering in this market. Indeed, the HDMI over RGB Extender's performance, distance and cost delivers an unbeatable combination."

Also at CES, Advanced Technology Source (ATS – Cupertino, CA) is launching its newest product family, dubbed Cheetah, which is based on the Gennum ActiveConnect technology and comprised of intelligent multimedia cables that will support both HDMI and DVI from distances of 30 to 450 feet.

"The Gennum ActiveConnect solution is enabling ATS to bring a new class of HDMI connectivity to our customers," says Eric Johnson, president of ATS. "Our new Cheetah line will allow an HDMI signal, over copper cabling, to reach up to 100 meters with a clear, full HD 1080p signal. Being able to offer a lower cost, higher performance solution at unprecedented distances gives ATS a clear advantage for both consumer and industrial applications."

The Cheetah line of HDMI products will include support for HDMI 1.1, HDMI 1.3 and long haul HDMI. The Cheetah DVI line will provide a digital visual interface (DVI) cable for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) providing products for medical, teleconferencing and projection applications. With distances spanning from 30 to 450 feet, the Cheetah family of cables will be available beginning in January 2008.

Also at CES, Liberty Wire and Cable is demonstrating the base design of a variety of connectivity products that deliver HDMI 1.3 category 1 and 2 and DVI performance over copper coax cable, aimed at A/V professionals and custom cable installers. Leveraging the ActiveConnect technology, the Liberty products will be able to achieve distances greater than 80 meters at 1080p, which is more than triple the distance of the company's previous HDMI cable solutions.

"ActiveConnect allows us to give A/V professionals multiple mechanisms for cost-effectively implementing HDMI and DVI in their environments," comments Bill Schripsema, director of product management for Liberty Wire and Cable. "As a result, users can migrate their environments to high-performance digital technology with the ultimate goal of experiencing higher resolutions, faster refresh rates, and deep color that full-rate HDMI provides. No other technology offers the advantages of easy termination, at these long distances with the 1080p60 performance that the consumer demands. High bandwidth HDMI 1.3 data-rates require coax cable and easy termination enables the development of cables at customized lengths for varying application needs."

Liberty will launch new connectivity products that enable customers to utilize previously installed cables to attach displays and other equipment using an HDMI or DVI signal. A new wall plate solution from Liberty will allow installed A/V solutions to fully implement HDMI technology while minimizing clutter.

Adding another high-volume cable designer to its growing customer base, Gennum also announced that Orbital Development LLC has adopted the company's ActiveConnect solution and is designing a line of connectivity products for the home entertainment and professional A/V markets. Expected to be available through a significant number of high-profile brands, the new connectivity products will be used to reliably stream high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) signals up to 100 meters.

"The Gennum ActiveConnect solution is currently the only receiver/transmitter product on the market capable of streaming HDMI signals at this distance using low-cost copper cable," comments Jay Victor, president of Orbital Development LLC. "As a result, we can develop long-haul cable solutions that deliver 1080p and deep color without any degradation in multimedia performance and without the traditionally hefty price tag. We anticipate this technology will enable a wide range of both A/V professionals and consumers to experience the full benefits of HDMI."

Orbital Development will be developing long-length HDMI solutions using the Gennum ActiveConnect solution for OEM customers to meet the requirements of their market segments. Complete product solutions will be developed according to the customer's needs and requirements, says the company.

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