Cooper B-Line simplifies underfloor cable installation

Jan. 21, 2008
January 21, 2008 -- The company has introduced its F.A.S.T. system for underfloor cable support. (F.A.S.T. is an acronym for Foldable, Adjustable, Stackable, Tool-less system.)

January 21, 2008 -- Cooper B-Line, a subsidiary of Cooper Industries, has introduced its F.A.S.T. system for underfloor cable support.

F.A.S.T. is an acronym for Foldable, Adjustable, Stackable, Tool-less system. According to the company, the system combines three basic elements (cable tray, stands/supports and accessories) and effectively reduces installation time and cost through its innovative design.

The system features a completely tool-less assembly, reducing installation time by eliminating the effort associated with assembling cumbersome hardware. Plus, the flexibility and convenience of the supports (foldable, adjustable and stackable) provides for a simpler, more practical installation, contends the company.

The system's wire mesh cable tray comes in various sizes and shapes and is available in lengths of 24" and 48;" depths of 2", 4" and 6;" and widths of 6," 12" and 20". The different tray sizes allow for varying cable capacities to meet the specific needs of each application.

The tray is designed to be flat-fitting for turns. The patented stands are designed to be foldable, adjustable and stackable. Stands come in widths of 12" and 20", and come equipped with height adjustment ranges of 10"-16," "18"-24" and 25"-31". For added convenience, support legs are marked in 1" increments to indicate the height from the concrete floor to the top of the stand.

Completely independent of the raised floor, the stands can be installed prior to the flooring, simplifying installation and reducing the amount of coordination required between contractors. Additionally, the design reduces contractor fatigue which often stems from working within the constraints of the flooring grid, notes Copper.

Also available are a series of tool-less clips and supports that serve to connect the tray and add multiple levels to the system. Tool-less cantilever kits are available in single- and double- tie options. In addition, the system uses spring steel fasteners that enable the tray to be spliced and held down without the use of any tools.

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