CPI launches new products

Jan. 28, 2008
January 28, 2008 -- Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI), a manufacturer of structural support platforms to organize, store and secure IT infrastructure equipment, recently released three new products.

January 28, 2008 -- Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI), a manufacturer of structural support platforms to organize, store and secure IT infrastructure equipment, recently released three new products.

First, the company has introduced its Adjustable Rail QuadraRack (ARQR) and Adjustable Rail ServerRack (ARSR) with adjustable depth rear mounting rails, RMU marked front mounting rails and enhanced cable management and grounding and bonding features.

The ARQR and ARSR present a fixed depth four-post frame with adjustable rear mounting rails that allow the front-to-rear mounting depth of the rack to match equipment requirements, even after assembly and installation. The rear mounting rails are independent of the welded frame, and can extend from 15" (380 mm) up to the rack footprint, plus 6" (150 mm) beyond the rear of the frame to hold equipment that is deeper than the rack. The ARQR and ARSR are available in two footprints and three heights, 24" (600 mm) wide by 24" (600 mm) deep and 24" (600 mm) wide by 36" (900 mm) deep with heights of 6' (1800 mm), 7' (2100 mm) and 8' (2400 mm). Both racks have a superior weight capacity rating of 2204 lb (1000 kg) and are UL Listed.

Front equipment mounting rails of the ARQR and ARSR are marked and numbered by RMU on both the front and back side of the rails, and can be mounted so that the RMU numbers begin at the bottom or top of the rack. Additionally, the front mounting rails can be mounted in a recessed position to provide extra cabling space in the front of the rack and to help maximize side-to-side airflow through network switches.

Both racks include one Top-Mounted Cable Waterfall Tray with an adjustable radius drop, which allows for easy side-to-side routing of patch cords and enhanced cable management. Each rack comes with one sample 7 RMU T-shaped Cable Guide that snaps onto the front or rear of the rack and aligns with each RMU space. The ARQR and ARSR provide integrated grounding and bonding features which include a Two Mounting Hole Ground Terminal Block and Antioxidant Joint Compound for easy attachment to the Telecommunications Grounding Busbar. In addition, side panel options are available to cover the ends of the racks and can be mounted to CPI's vertical Cable Management Products.

The difference between the two racks is that the ARQR includes equipment mounting rails with #12-24 threaded mounting holes (with screws included) to speed installation of patch panels, fiber enclosures and network switches. While the ARSR has square-punched mounting rails that accept cage nut hardware (included) with various threads to match computer server and data storage equipment mounting requirements.

For more information about CPI's ARQR and ARSR, click here.

The company is also offering its Evolution Cable Management platform, an engineered solution for managing high-density cabling applications.

To fulfill modern data center needs, CPI says its Evolution Cable Management delivers advanced performance by providing state-of-the-art solutions for managing high-density cabling applications on CPI open two-post and four-post Rack Systems. With enhanced interior features, CPI's Evolution Cable Management helps maximize cable capacity and function, while the exterior presents a fresh aesthetic appeal, matching the distinct look of CPI's popular TeraFrame Family of Cabinets.

In an effort to support various equipment cabling requirements, CPI's Evolution Cable Management is available in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Evolution vertical managers come in three different widths of single and double-sided versions. The double-sided vertical managers contain moveable mid-sections that can be adjusted for greater cable volume flexibility by providing 40/60, 50/50 or 60/40 front/rear split of the interior space, giving customers the ability to match their exact space requirements. In addition, openings located on the back of the single-sided and on the middle of the double-sided vertical managers allow cables to easily transition from front-to-rear. Exterior doors come with Evolution vertical managers to help protect and hide cables. They are secured with a spring-loaded two-point latch that can open from the right or left and can be removed for improved cable access.

CPI's Evolution horizontal cable manager is available in a single-sided option to organize and store cables. Edge protected oval-shaped pass-through ports are located at the rear of the horizontal cable manager, allowing patch cords to pass safely from front-to-rear. The horizontal cable manager contains a snap-on door that swings up or down to easily access cables and matches the modern styling of the Evolution vertical managers doors.

Both Evolution vertical and horizontal cable managers offer a superior T-shaped cable guide design that decreases deflection when loaded with cables. Rounded edges on the cable guides and at the top of the managers protect cables as they enter and exit the interior storage space. This type of solid support and protection is especially important when deploying high-density Cat 6a cabling on rack systems.

To create a customized solution, a variety of accessories can be added to CPI's Evolution vertical cable managers. Attach Cable Distribution Spools to provide slack management and strain relief for patch cords and jumper cables located within the managers. Create a separate pathway for fiber cables and patch cords inside the managers with CPI's Fiber Segregation Kit. Increase space utilization within managers by anchoring cables close to the mid-section with a Cable Lashing Bar Kit. Add more moveable mid-sections to the double-sided vertical cable manager by including a Moveable Mid-Section Kit, and increase the number of fixed accessory panels in the single-sided vertical cable manager by including a Fixed Accessory Panel Kit. Patent pending accessories include the Fiber Segregation Kit, Cable Lashing Bar Kit and Moveable Mid-Section Kit.

For more information about CPI's Evolution Cable Management and accessories, click here.

Finally, the company is offering its LCD/KVM Console that supplies easy access to multiple rack-mount peripherals using only 1 RMU of rack-mount space.

With convenient at-the-rack-access, CPI's LCD/KVM Console is available in single port, eight port or 16 port KVM versions and provides access to multiple computers using a single set of rack-mount peripherals. Available in high resolution (up to 1280 x 1024 SXGA) 15", 17" or 19" LCD displays, the 19" EIA rack-mount shelf combines the LCD display panel, keyboard and built-in touch pad in 1 RMU unit, presenting customers with numerous options in a space saving design.

To increase ease-of-use and manageability, built-in dual slides allow the LCD display and keyboard tray to open independently. These dual slides permit the LCD panel, which is protected behind a tempered glass panel, to fold up for effortless viewing, while a keyed lock allows the unit to be easily secured in the closed position for storage.

The KVM switch is designed to access multiple computers, features an on-screen display menu and supplies password protected access. Using a single cable connection (VGA to VGA/PS2 or VGA to VGA/USB), CPI's KVM switch connects to computers with either PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse connections, allowing for maximum flexibility within a single LCD/KVM Console. The unit supports DOS, Windows, HP Unix, Linux, Novel 3.12-6 and SUN operating systems. CPI's KVM switch also presents users with the ability to search for computers by name or using hot key controls including auto scan. The 106 key keyboard with numeric pad and mouse emulations allows for simultaneous system boot-ups and offers the ability to add or remove computers with USB keyboard and mouse connections, without powering down the KVM switch or attached computers.

For more information about CPI's LCD/KVM Console, click here.

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