ADC intros reduced bend radius MDU drop cables

Jan. 31, 2008
January 31, 2008 -- ADC has released its OmniReach reduced bend radius multiple dwelling unit (MDU) drop cables, designed for FTTP applications.

January 31, 2008 -- ADC announced the immediate availability of its OmniReach reduced bend radius multiple dwelling unit (MDU) drop cables, designed for fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) applications.

According to the company, the reduced bend radius 3-mm MDU drop cables can be bent at a smaller radius than traditional fiber, providing long-term reliability through improved insertion loss (IL) performance for 90-degree bend locations found in MDU environments.

The company says the new MDU cables allow for an extremely tight bend radius without compromising the attenuation characteristics of the cable. In addition, the cables deliver the performance required in a typical MDU environment without the higher expense of alternative products designed for MDU applications.

Developed with the high quality fiber and ADC's proprietary "military-grade" cabling technology, the OmniReach MDU cables' ruggedized 3-mm indoor/outdoor cable jacket provides additional flexibility and maximum durability while maintaining optimum network performance, maintains the company.

The 3-mm cables are also designed for easy deployment. Through the use of standard cabling staples for installation strain relief, technicians are able to quickly secure cables to most surfaces and around tight corners without compromising IL performance. These features provide for fast service turn-up and lower installation costs, says the company, particularly given the large number of 90-degree turn applications found in most MDU environments.

"With FTTP network deployments accelerating in major metropolitan areas around the world, there is an increasing need for solutions that address the unique challenges of multiple dwelling unit applications," says Jaxon Lang, vice president of Global Connectivity Solutions Americas for ADC. "ADC's OmniReach reduced bend radius drop cables' deliver superior performance in the most demanding of routing applications, enabling the delivery of fast, reliable service to our customers' MDU subscribers."

The OmniReach reduced bend radius MDU drop cables are available in various configurations, including indoor/outdoor, riser and plenum cable types, and can be deployed in all types of MDU building environments.

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