Hubbell intros new products

June 24, 2008
June 24, 2008 -- Hubbell Wiring Systems has expanded its netSELECT and homeSELECT lines of connectivity products.

June 24, 2008 -- Hubbell Wiring Systems ( has added to its netSELECT and homeSELECT lines of connectivity products.

Firstly, the company has introduced the netSELECT 10-inch 'Mini-Metal' enclosure, a durable unit of sheet metal construction that accepts all netSELECT connectivity modules including voice, data, phone and fiber. The compact structure features unlimited knock-out (KO) options allowing customers to tailor wiring configurations to their specific needs, using the KO patterns on the unit's sides, as well as an option to completely change-out the top or bottom plates for optimal customization. In addition, the metal enclosure comes with a new module mounting pattern that allows center module mounting for maximum flexibility. With its wide range of wiring configuration options and its durable sheet-metal construction, the netSELECT 10-inch unit targets applications that call for metal enclosures, instead of plastic ones, and is suitable for deployments in high-rise buildings, multiple dwelling units, homes, or space constrained installations in general.

Also, the company has introduced its homeSELECT line of brass plated floor boxes, which are designed to accommodate either electrical power or a combination of power and voice/data devices. The floor boxes are engineered to accommodate a recessed cover to give the plugged-in cable a very low arch, minimizing protrusion. The stylish, low-profile brass plated units are height adjustable after mounting into the floor. The permanent hinged cover allows furniture to be located over the opening. The floor boxes come with a duplex receptacle and can also house a JLOAD multimedia outlet to provide for power, Cat 5e and coax connectivity in a single gang box. In addition, the units are outfitted with neoprene gaskets incorporated into the cover so they will never get lost. The floor boxes are UL listed and CSA certified.

Finally, Hubbell Wiring Systems announced that its homeSELECT tamper-resistant receptacles meet the new 2008 NEC [National Electrical Code] requirement for electrical receptacles which enhance child safety for use in residential dwellings. A spring-loaded shutter mechanism on the receptacles allows plugs to enter the outlet but resists access to single-pronged items like keys, hairpins, nails or other foreign objects. The shutter mechanism protects against electrical injuries without impairing normal plug insertion, removal or function.

The 2008 NEC requirement (Section 406.11) mandates that all 125 volt, 15- and 20-amp residential receptacles must be listed as tamper-resistant (TR), including duplexes, GFCIs, single receptacles, clock hangers, floor boxes and other specialty products with outlets. The NEC requirement, affecting all new construction and major renovations for single- and multi-family homes, was instituted in response to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission data that showed approximately 2,400 children annually receive emergency treatment for injuries caused by inserting objects into electrical outlets.

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