APC launches cable infrastructure assessment service

June 5, 2008
June 5, 2008 -- Supporting the launch of Cisco's Nexus 5000 series, the APC service provides the necessary resources, expertise and tools to prepare data centers to meet 10-Gbit/sec Ethernet specifications.

June 5, 2008 -- In an effort to simplify data center transformations to 10-Gbit/sec Ethernet network architectures, APC recently launched its Cable Infrastructure Assessment Service. The service, specially designed for Cisco, supports the global launch of that company's Nexus 5000 series, a line of Layer 2 access switches designed for data centers which provides high-density, low-latency, 10-Gigabit Ethernet switching, as well as a unified data center fabric integrating LAN, SAN and HPC traffic.

APC says its assessment service provides the necessary resources, expertise and tools to prepare data centers to meet 10-Gbit/sec Ethernet specifications. Based on individual customer needs and requirements, APC's BICSI-certified Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) will evaluate a company's existing structured cabling solution and recommend changes that will ensure support for current or emerging 10-Gbit/sec Ethernet technologies.

"As evidenced by the introduction of APC's InfraStruXure power, cooling and management architecture more than five years ago, APC has established itself as a pioneer in simplifying and enabling the adoption of new technologies in the data center," comments Aaron Davis, chief marketing officer at APC. "We are pleased to continue teaming with Cisco to empower their customers with the necessary tools and information to successfully transform their data centers. As a growing number of companies invest in high-performance networking projects, it is increasingly necessary to further simplify physical infrastructure. The APC Cable Infrastructure Assessment Service for the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series allows customers to 'wire once' for greater flexibility in reallocating workloads across the data center computing infrastructure for years to come."

The APC Cable Infrastructure Assessment Service includes a range of activities to help customers quickly and successfully deploy the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series and other advanced technologies in their data center environment, using a "lifecycle services" approach. The service activities include:

Cable Infrastructure Assessment:

-- Management: Assess whether cable management meets industry standards and make recommendations if needed.

-- Installation: Assess the installation of the horizontal and backbone cabling into the rack to ensure all codes and standards are being followed.

-- Labels: Assess to ensure professional labels are being used for the horizontal and backbone cabling and hardware using self laminating machine printed labels adhering to the ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A standard.

-- Logistics: BICSI-Certified RCDD and Registered Technicians perform the assessment. APC engineers will work to understand the entire scope of the project in order to properly plan and organize the assessment process, resulting in a high quality and in-depth cable infrastructure assessment service.

Cable Testing:

-- Advanced Copper Testing: Physically test 15% of available ports of the horizontal structured cabling system for compliance to current 10GBASE-T standards (TIA TSB155, for Cat 6/Class E links 55m or less and TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10, for new Cat 6A/Class EA), with customer approval.

-- Advanced Fiber Testing: Physically test 15% of the Multimode and/or Singlemode optical fibers in compliance with TIA 526-14 and TIA 527-7 standard at: Both 850 nm ,1300 nm (MM) and 1310 nm,1550 nm (SM) for backbone links and 850 nm or 1300 nm for horizontal links. The test reports will be available for review at the end of the assessment.

The APC Cable Infrastructure Assessment Service for the Cisco Nexus switches is available immediately in the United States and Canada and is being offered through Cisco's Advanced Data Center services.

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