ATEN adds HDMI video splitters, switches

June 26, 2008
June 26, 2008 -- KVM supplier ATEN Technology has introduced three HDMI video splitters and switches as part of its line of audio-video (AV) products.

June 26, 2008 -- ATEN Technology (, a supplier of KVM [keyboard/video/mouse] and remote connectivity products for central management of servers, network devices and IT infrastructure, has introduced three new HDMI [High Definition Multimedia Interface] video splitters and switches as part of its line of audio/video products. Designed for the diverse needs of home theatre, corporate, educational, broadcast and commercial environments, the company says the new products provide high definition video quality to multiple devices with ease.

"Our new line of A/V products offers the capability to bring one picture to many eyes," comments Sampson Yang, CEO of ATEN Technology, Inc. "Whether in a presentation setting with multiple displays, or a classroom where the teacher needs to share resources on student monitors, or within a house of worship broadcasting to more than one screen, or a digital kiosk in a retail store, these new HDMI video splitters and switches enable users to send high definition video while maintaining excellent resolution and unparalleled Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master audio sound transmission."

According to Yang, the 2- and 4-port VS182/VS184 video splitters offer extreme scalability, with the capability to send the signal to up to 64 display devices when installed in a cascade. The splitters are tailor-made for environments that require a boost in the video signal from one input to multiple outputs.

"Airports or any city with a metropolitan transit system are great targets for these splitters since one video signal such as a CNN news feed or train and plane schedule can be piped to several monitors simultaneously," adds Yang. "On the consumer end of the spectrum, if someone holds a party around a major sporting event like the Super Bowl and has one HD cable box or satellite dish, these splitters can extend the HD signal throughout the house so guests will never miss that winning touchdown or Tiger Woods putt on the 18th hole of the U.S. Open. These splitters offer a flexible, cost-effective solution to help systems integrators easily install them for deployment in an array of application scenarios."

Additionally, the ATEN VS481A 4-port HDMI switch allows users to quickly and easily share an HDMI display device with four HDMI input sources. For example, notes the company, most large-screen LCD televisions come standard with one HDMI input but a consumer may want to connect other HD devices; as such, tthe VS481A now offers an easy way to add four HDMI inputs to any home theater system.

According to the company, the new units support all HDMI equipment, such as DVD or Blu-ray players, digital camcorders, video game consoles, satellite set-top boxes as input source, and all HDMI displays, projectors, monitors or HDTVs as output destinations. In addition, the products support the most current 1.3a standards for HDMI, offer HDCP [High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection] 1.1 compliance and are DDC [Display Data Channel] compatible.

The new models also offer 12-bit Deep Color for HDMI formats, and an excellent HDMI video resolution of 1080p for HDTV, VGA, SVGA, SXGA, UXGA (1600x1200) and WUXGA (1920x1200) for computers. With the VS182, VS184 and VS481B, the units can boost the video signal for long distance transmission to displays up to 65 feet away.

Available now, the 2-way video splitter (VS182) is $179.95; the 4-way video splitter (VS184) is $239.99; and the 1-to-4 HDMI switch (VS481A) is $199.95.

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