Cleaner for single fiber connections

June 25, 2008
June 25, 2008 -- US Conec has released the next generation of its IBC brand cleaners for mated and unmated fiber connectors.

June 25, 2008 -- US Conec ( has released the next generation of its IBC brand cleaners for mated and unmated connectors. The dry cloth cleaners are designed for single fiber connectors residing in the bulkhead adapter or loose on a cable assembly, and clean both ultra (UPC) and angled polished (APC) ferrules.

The IBC brand cleaner SC is a universal 2.5-mm cleaner effective at removing contaminants from SC, FC and ST connectors. The IBC brand cleaner LC is a universal 1.25-mm cleaner for removing contaminants from LC, LC secure keyed and MU connectors.

The disposable cleaners give up to 500-plus cleanings per unit and clean a surface area of 800 microns. Unlike traditional swab cleaners that rely on the technique of the user, the IBC brand cleaners are easy to use and provide consistent cleaning every time, according to the company.

The simplex IBC brand cleaners are molded with an antistatic material and use a specially woven cleaning fiber that lifts and removes harmful contaminants without damaging the ferrule's end face. The cleaner is engaged by using a simple pushing motion. The user will hear a "pop" sound during the engagement process which indicates that the cleaning process is complete.

The cleaners are billed as effective at removing skin oil, vegetable oil, Arizona Road Dust, saltwater residue, distilled water residue, 70% isopropyl alcohol residue, graphite pre-mate, graphite post-mate, dryer lint, and simethicone. Both versions of the cleaners have an extension feature that increases the cleaner's reach to 208 mm for hard-to-reach connectors.

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