Multimedia cabling system targets 'smart podiums'

June 12, 2008
June 12, 2008 -- Wireworks has introduced its AV2000 multimedia cabling system, which offers a variety of signal configurations specifically tailored to "smart podium" applications.

June 12, 2008 -- At InfoComm in Las Vegas, Wireworks, a supplier of audio/video cabling systems and custom panels, will introduce its AV2000 multimedia cabling system, which offers AV professionals a variety of typical Wireworks AV2000 signal configurations specifically tailored to "smart podium" applications.

The company contends that its multimedia cabling system is the only multi-pin connector system that can accommodate audio, high definition video, high-speed data, and serial digital interface control signals via a single sophisticated hybrid connector.

According to the company, the AV2000 umbilical permanently attaches inside of the smart podium for an easy and direct connection to the equipment within. The "configured, drop-in" system eliminates any additional connectors as well as complex interface panels on the wall or in floor boxes.

Connecting multimedia systems through one simple plug-in, the AV2000 is designed to offer a practical, time- and cost-efficient solution for both the installer and end-user, maintains the company. It also allows non-AV professionals to easily set up the system, eliminating the possibility of crossed connections..

With 10 typical configurations, the AV2000 for Smart Podiums supports a variety of typical smart podium signal requirements, including a combination of RGBHV, Video, Y/C Video, Stereo Audio, Balanced Audio, Cat5e, Touch Screen and I/O signals. The company adds that each AV2000 system is configured to match each project's specific equipment requirements in terms of cable lengths and tail terminations.

"AV2000 for Smart Podiums is designed specifically for multimedia applications, such as in the classroom, in the boardroom and on stage," says Gerald Krulewicz, president of Wireworks. "The system dramatically reduces plugging time and allows non-technical users to easily connect to the multimedia technologies that are prevalent in today's educational market."

Utilizing two components - the access point and the umbilical - the system is designed for easy integration into existing AV systems. Umbilicals are typically mounted inside the smart podium and are terminated on one end with individual cables for connection directly to system components; the other end of the cable is a single plug-in that connects to the system's access point, which is designed to easily be mounted in a floor box or on the wall.

Additionally, Wireworks says its proven rectangular G-Series connector eliminates out-of-round and cross-threading problems that plague circular connectors. The G-Series features a rugged cast metal housing that incorporates a strong cable retention design. Precision formed, gold plated coaxial contacts prevent degeneration of signals. Cables are safely enclosed in a nylon mesh jacket to prevent damage from tangling.

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