APC targets data center energy usage, system efficiencies

June 4, 2008 -- Individuals now can obtain Web-based electrical efficiency data for APC's enterprise power and cooling products.

June 4, 2008 -- APC announced that, via its Web site, individuals now can obtain electrical efficiency data for the company's enterprise power and cooling products, to aid in determining energy usage and system efficiencies.

APC believes it is the first company in the critical power and cooling services industry to offer full and complete electrical efficiency product data in a standard format. As a specialist in physical infrastructure, the company says its Web-based product efficiency data includes graphs on its products in a consistent format that allows data center designers and others to combine component efficiencies to predict the performance of an overall system.

The company maintains that currently, the industry does not generally provide detailed efficiency data over the entire operating range individual products. Today, contends APC, customers only have access to efficiency data for one or a few operating points of a product -- or no public data exists at all. Therefore company says it's providing precise information to make it easier for customers, integrators and channel partners to select products to meet efficiency objectives for data center systems. The company predicts that component and systems manufacturers will all eventually provide such information for their respective products.

"APC feels passionately about providing accurate data on the actual electrical efficiency of its products to customers and others to help simplify the process of determining overall system efficiency," comments Neil Rasmussen, senior vice president at APC. "For example, for devices that transform or process energy, we will provide a graphical representation of the efficiency or loss performance as a function of rated load across the product's operating range."

As of now, on its U.S.-based Web site, APC is providing electrical efficiency data for its power and cooling products, including its three-phase and single-phase uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution units, and InRow cooling solutions. In time, the company says it will make this information available in other countries where it operates.

In February 2007, MGE UPS Systems and APC combined to form the $3.5 billion Critical Power & Cooling Services business unit of Schneider Electric.

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