Cabling Installation & Maintenance expanding newsletter coverage in '09

December 15, 2008 -- Subscribers who receive the bi-weekly "Cabling News" newsletter will receive three additional, monthly newsletters beginning in January.

December 15, 2008 -- Individuals who receive Cabling Installation & Maintenance's bi-weekly newsletter "Cabling News" will receive more-frequent and more-focused news reports in 2009. Beginning in January, CI&M will issue three other e-mail newsletters each month, in addition to the regular issues of "Cabling News," to all those who currently have newsletter subscriptions.

Specifically, each of the following newsletters will be delivered once per month.
Cabling News – Data Centers
Cabling News – Product Showcase
Cabling News – Month in Review

As its name indicates, Cabling News – Data Centers will provide monthly coverage of the latest technologies and products relating specifically to data centers. This monthly newsletter also will include detailed feature articles from the magazine's archives, as well as new reporting.

Cabling News – Product Showcase will comprise the editors' picks as the month's most innovative and relevant new-product releases.

Cabling News – Month in Review will feature a news-broadcast-style video summarizing the month's top stories in the industry. Depending on the month, the video may originate from the newsletter's studios in Nashua, NH or from the site of an industry event.

Separately, the brand is launching an additional newsletter aimed specifically at the contracting professional. Also a monthly, Cabling News – Contractor Report will address the business-to-business information needs of those who own and operate cabling-contracting businesses. Subscription efforts for Contractor Report are currently underway. The first issue is also expected in January.

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