Finisar intros protocol testing platform for Fibre Channel over Ethernet

Oct. 22, 2008
October 22, 2008 -- Finisar has released what it claims is the world's first complete Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) 10-Gigabit Ethernet protocol testing tool suite.

October 22, 2008 -- Finisar Corp. has released what it claims is the world's first complete Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) 10-Gigabit Ethernet protocol testing tool suite. Built on Finisar's Xgig multi-function, multi-protocol testing and analysis platform, the new 10GE/FCoE Analyzer, 10GE/FCoE Load Tester, and 10GE/FCoE Jammer offer complete support for storage and networking companies designing FCoE and converged Ethernet systems, says the company.

According to Finisar, the 10GE/FCoE Analyzer provides "unparalleled visibility" into network transactions. The 10GE/FCoE Load Tester creates test traffic streams designed to stress network equipment and verify FCoE functionality and performance. The 10GE/FCoE Jammer tests system robustness, the performance of priority traffic flow, and error recovery capabilities by manipulating live traffic flows. Additionally, the multi-protocol capabilities of the Xgig platform enable developers to evaluate and analyze network traffic as it crosses protocol domains, such as the topology of the FCoE network linking to Fibre Channel storage equipment.

"In early interoperability testing, it is important to have robust tools that allow rapid problem identification and root cause analysis," explains Joe Gervais, senior director of product marketing, Emulex Corp. "Finisar's tools allowed Emulex to quickly capture and analyze FCoE behavior during the recent FCIA Fibre Channel over Ethernet plugfest, greatly enhancing our efficiency at the event."

"Finisar has been one of our valued and strategic suppliers since the early days of the Fibre Channel market, and our recent work together to bring reliable FCoE products to market has strengthened this relationship even further," adds Marty Lans, senior director of product marketing for the Data Center Infrastructure Division at Brocade. "As technology leaders, the combination of Brocade and Finisar will help define how the industry adopts technologies such as extending data connectivity to address current and future business requirements."

The 10GE/FCoE Load Tester is the first tool able to generate FCoE traffic and test the FCoE and Fibre Channel network functions and performance, says Finisar. It supports the FCoE Initialization Protocol (FIP) for discovery and Virtual Link initialization, and PFC for traffic flow control. 10GE/FCoE Jammer provides protocol-aware traffic modifications. In addition, Jammer offers a unique way for customers to dynamically manipulate the traffic flow per priority class. This range of capabilities is not available with any other Fibre Channel/Ethernet testing tools, say company representatives.

Finisar's 10GE/FCoE Analyzer and 10GE/FCoE Load Tester are shipping now. The 10GE/FCoE Jammer is available now in a pre-release version. Each supports XFP and SFP+ interfaces and is compatible with both optical and electric links.

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