Report sees China gaining in production of AV cables and assemblies

July 14, 2008 -- Research and Markets (Dublin, Ireleand) has released its "China Sourcing Report: AV Cables & Assemblies.

July 14, 2008 -- Research and Markets (Dublin, Ireleand) has released its "China Sourcing Report: AV Cables & Assemblies," based on in-factory tours and personal interviews with senior plant managers conducted by the research firm.

The firm notes that China is home to over 500 manufacturers responsible for producing more than half of the world's supply of AV cables and assemblies. Despite cost increases in raw materials, says the firm, "the industry is moving full-steam ahead," with makers ramping up their production efficiency and expanding their capability to produce advanced digital interface models.

The report is intended to help suppliers: determine which makers are adopting the HDMI standard in replacement of the standard AV interface; find out which vendors are enhancing efficiency to offer better value; discover which suppliers serve the world's leading brands such as Sony, Nokia, NEC and Philips. With profiles of 29 suppliers, 94 products, and a broad overview of China's AV cables and assemblies market, the report also includes:

* In-depth profile tables for 16 leading China-based manufacturers, detailing their backgrounds, manufacturing and export strengths, R&D plans, etc.
* Short profiles of 13 additional makers highlighting sourcing information including company details, production capacity and key export markets.
* A gallery of the 94 most popular export models with full-color photographs and top-line specifications.
* The results of the firm's supplier survey, forecasting production, export and R&D trends for the next 12 months.
* Lists of the top 20 exporters across all types of AV cables and assemblies including coaxial, fiber-optic, RCA, VGA, SCART and S-Video.
* A price guide that lists specific features and functions buyers can expect per price range; and a table of verified contact details, including contact person, phone numbers, email addresses and website URLs.

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