Hot-air containment technology for data center mechanical systems

April 8, 2008
April 8, 2008 -- Opengate Data Systems has introduced its SiteX EC Containment Cooling systems, developed to maximize data center cooling efficiency by eliminating excess cooling that is typically necessary to eliminate hot-spots.

April 8, 2008 -- Opengate Data Systems, a technology firm that specializes in the research and development of intelligent distributed power and cooling systems, has introduced its SiteX EC Containment Cooling systems, developed to maximize data center cooling efficiency by eliminating excess cooling that is typically necessary to eliminate hot-spots within the data center.

According to the company, studies have shown two to two and a half times the cooling that is actually required by IT equipment is generated and delivered to prevent hot-spots. In most cases, this air is delivered 10 degrees Fahrenheit or more below the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers) recommended temperature for IT equipment in mission critical facilities, contends the company.

The SiteX EC system utilizes dual redundant fan cartridges, scalable to the IT airflow load based on a closed-loop control process, to contain waste heat from IT equipment and return it directly to the CRAC/H (computer room air conditioner/ handler) heat exchangers. With containment of all the waste heat, supply air temperature can be increased and the volume of air delivered can be reduced to match the IT equipment load, according to Opengate.

"SiteX EC technology will reduce data center operating costs controlling the consumption of conditioned air in real-time," says Matthew Bush, director of research and development of Opengate Data Systems. "Over-provisioning [of cold air] will no longer be necessary because pressure regulated flow control optimizes the demand for cooling by the IT equipment."

Further benefits of the SiteX EC technology, according to Opengate, include the capability to:

-- Eliminate over-provisioning and cut cooling costs up to 60 percent by providing physical separation of cool supply and hot return airstreams.

-- Raise supply air temperature to accepted ASHRAE standards and increase water supply temperature to further improve chiller plant efficiency.

-- Allow additional hours of free cooling for a water-side or air-side economizer.

-- Directly couple cooling with IT equipment heat load, raising return air temperatures and improving CRAC/H efficiency.

-- Report rack airflow capacity for confidence with future application deployment and report rack airflow volume for room or zone airflow delivery control.

-- Extend runtime during a power outage through containment and proper routing of exhaust heat away from IT equipment loads.

-- Flexibly configure of alarms and notifications through secure Ethernet connection with selection of multiple email or SNMP trap recipients, with escalation.

-- Maintain concise data log and SYSlog support, via an intuitive web interface for enterprise level management.

SiteX EC can be networked, allowing remote management and alarm notification with escalation for visibility to all critical information. Communication is accomplished via HTTP, HTTPS, XML or SNMP protocols. Network properties are assigned using the configuration page or DHCP to automatically connect to the network.

"This technology improves operational process and is a testament to our continued focus on availability as well as efficiency in the data center," comments Mark Germagian, president of Opengate. "Intelligent reporting and management of critical information is a must when supporting highly critical loads."

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