GreenPeak launches wireless sensor network training program

April 2, 2008 -- GreenPeak Technologies has launched the GreenPeak Academy, a training and consultancy platform targeting the deployment of ultra low power wireless sensor networks.

April 2, 2008 -- GreenPeak Technologies (Utrecht, Netherlands) has launched the GreenPeak Academy, an educational, training and consultancy platform for ultra low power wireless sensor networks.

GreenPeak says it initiated the platform to address growing corporate demand for know-how in developing and deploying ultra low power sense and control networks. The company says the training program is also part of its ongoing campaign to quickly train new staff.

The company's battery-free communication technology for wireless sense and control applications is based on the IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee wireless networking standard. The company says its technology utilizes energy-harvesting techniques to facilitate battery-free operation in a totally wireless environment, without the need for either communications or power connectivity.

"We see tremendous future growth in the wireless sense and control industry," comments Cees Links, GreenPeak's CEO. "Ultra low power wireless solutions utilizing energy harvesting are the key to fueling this growth."

The GreenPeak Academy features one-off seminars, advanced training, and webinars, supported by a team of experienced trainers and consultants. All team members are experts in ultra low power sensor networks, possessing a solid theoretical foundation backed by comprehensive practical know-how. The courses are scheduled for one to three days and are tailored to meet the customer's requirements. The first GreenPeak Academy was held in January for GreenPeak's partners and distributors.

"GreenPeak wants to anticipate the trend and accommodate the demand for trained engineers," adds Links. "Our specialists and training programs focus on key design challenges for ultra low power wireless sensor applications, and utilize real-life cases to show participants how to determine the lowest possible energy consumption. It is our way of helping our customers tap into the full potential of wireless sensor networks."

A half-day post-conference seminar sponsored by the GreenPeak Academy has also been added to the second-annual nanoPower Forum (nPF '08), which will be held June 2 - 4 in Costa Mesa, California. This seminar, titled "Designing for ultra low power wireless sensor applications powered by energy harvesting," will be offered to the nPF '08 registered delegates.

Participants will hear the GreenPeak Academy team discuss a variety of technical topics including: power budget breakdowns in wireless sensor networks, successful techniques for reducing power consumption, and useful sources of energy, including demonstrations of practical energy harvesting devices. GreenPeak will also provide a complete design example of a real-world, low-power design for a wireless sensor network application.

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