Fluke redesigns JackRapid termination tool

April 23, 2008
April 23, 2008 -- The company claims the re-designed tool can allow technicians to install jacks up to 8x faster than with traditional punchdown tools.

April 23, 2008 -- Fluke Networks has released its re-designed JackRapid termination tool. The company claims the tool can allow technicians to install jacks up to 8x faster than with traditional punchdown tools; with the new tool, the company says that users can terminate and trim all eight wires in a jack at once with one squeeze, reducing the time spent on the job.

The tool's ergonomically designed handle reduces hand fatigue, says the company, allowing more jacks to be punched down faster and with more consistent punchdown action. The new handle also includes a built-in wire jacket stripper.

The tool's patented design features an interchangeable termination head that holds the jack in place. Different style heads accommodate jack styles from most popular manufacturers. The termination head uses a wall-friendly design to that makes close-to-wall installations far easier than with other types of tools, says Fluke.

Fluke contends that, in an installation of 1000 jacks, a standard single-wire punchdown tool may require 29 labor hours at an average project cost of approximately $1,445; and that the same installation job utilizing the JackRapid tool requires 10 hours at an average project cost of approximately $500. In other words, compared to traditional single-wire punchdown tools, the JackRapid tool may cut installation time and cost by two-thirds, reckons the company.

The JackRapid Termination Tool with punchdown capability is compatible with the following jacks: Ortronics TJ5E00, TJ600, TJ610, SYSTIMAX MPS100E (Cat 5e), C5 (Cat 5), M1BH (Cat 3); Leviton jacks (41106, 41108 Cat3/5, 5G108 Cat 5e); and Uniprise jacks UNJ600 (Cat 6), UNJ500 (Cat 5e), and UNJ300 (Cat 3).

Interchangeable blade heads and replacement ergonomic handles are also available separately.

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