AFL Tele 'ruggedizes' fusion splicers, fiber cables

April 24, 2008 -- The company has 'ruggedized' its Fujikura series of fusion splicers for field applications, and recently redesigned its line of indoor/outdoor breakout fiber-optic cables.

April 24, 2008 -- AFL Telecommunications has expanded its Fujikura series of core alignment and fixed V-groove fusion splicers. The company says its FSM-60 and FSM-18 field splicers with ruggedized edges can withstand a 30-ft. drop test and continue splicing.

According to the company, with a rugged construction, the splicer series provide shock, dust and moisture resistance for enhanced productivity in the field. New software provides the ability to: download splice data to a PC for splice data reporting; download splicer operating software via the Internet to maintain peak performance; and download video images from the splicer to enhance technical support.

New features include a user-selectable fiber clamping method (sheath clamp or fiber holder system); simultaneous battery charge and splicer operation; automatic arc calibration and fiber identification; and an auto-start tube heater.

Additionally, the company announced that it recently redesigned its indoor/outdoor breakout fiber-optic cables.

Suitable for rugged applications and installations requiring increased performance, AFL's breakout cables feature a UV- and fungal-resistant semi-pressure extruded outer jacket. The jacket extrusion technology provides superior crush resistance, says the company, protecting a helically-stranded core of sub-units. The sub-units measure 2.5 mm, allowing for easy termination, and use a water-blocking aramid, designed to further protect the tight-buffered cable.

Previously, AFL only offered indoor/outdoor distribution cables and indoor breakout cables. AFL says its new design combines the ruggedness of an indoor/outdoor cable with the functionality of a breakout cable. The new design is riser-listed and available in fiber counts from two to 12. MSHA qualification is currently in process.

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