JDSU expands digital video service quality platform

April 16, 2008 -- At NAB 2008, JDSU introduced its latest digital video test instrument, the DTS MVP-200 MPEG video analyzer, along with other enhancements to its DTS line.

April 16, 2008 -- At NAB 2008, JDSU introduced its latest digital video test instrument, the DTS MVP-200, a MPEG video analyzer that performs monitoring and troubleshooting functions at the network edge. The company says the product helps to ensure quality digital video service for cable, broadcast and terrestrial operators.

Also at the NAB show, the company introduced four other enhancements to its DTS line for digital video quality, and demonstrated a new automated content verification system for file-based video and workflows.

"JDSU is delivering digital video test solutions that enable some of the broadcast industry's most critical requirements, including addressable advertising, digital program insertion (DPI), switched digital video and edge resource management," comments John Govert, vice president of JDSU's Communications Test and Measurement, Service Assurance Solutions product group. "JDSU simplifies the complexity of digital video service delivery with solutions that enable network operators to manage the technical processes at the network edge necessary for video quality."

The company notes that such test processes at the edge include those for DPI, ad splicing, rate shaping, grooming, MPEG remuxing, encryption and modulation.

In addition to the DTS MVP-200, the four advanced digital service test capabilities added to DTS product line include: IGMPv3 support, which enables video technicians to rapidly access any program for testing by directly connecting them to a media switch; GigE and QAM Channel Scanning features to let users automate the process of monitoring the performance of video against MPEG compliances; SNMP functionality for real-time alarming for heightened awareness of the condition of video quality; and MS-RTP functionality to allow users to recognize, parse and display MPEG streams embedded in a Microsoft RTP1.1 stream.

Finally, JDSU also announced that it now offers the Baton Automated Content Verification System by Interra Systems. Extending JDSU's video monitoring to the verification of content itself, the Baton software ensures quality video and audio at the content level and easily plugs into existing systems and workflow solutions.

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