IP-enabled KVM switches

April 14, 2008
April 14, 2008 -- Black Box has released its ServReach KVMoIP switch line, a series of KVM switches that work over IP networks.

April 14, 2008 -- Black Box has released a series of KVM switches that work over IP networks. The company's ServReach KVMoIP switch line includes the KVMCube, KVMGate, KVMultiport, and KVManager models. The company says the products allow IT professionals to easily and securely reach, access, and manage virtually every server at any given location in a data center.

The compact ServReach KVMCube includes a power supply and a USB cable; it is compatible with PoE networks as well as PS/2 applications. The ServReach KVMGate works to provide IP functionality to non-IP KVM switches. The unit also works as a standalone KVM switch, and is billed as an excellent choice for hybrid networks that may have PS/2, USB, and Sun components. For expanding networks, each ServReach KVMultiport extends KVMoIP access to up to 16 target servers.

These switches provide security with 128-bit SSL encryption and BIOS-level control over IP. Using the Internet, a LAN, or a local KVM station, the units enable users to troubleshoot, manage, configure, and reboot remote servers. The company contends that, used as standalone devices or as part of a larger ServReach system, these products can increase productivity, decrease costs, and save time by eliminating the need for new equipment and service calls to the site. No system modification or special software is needed to operate the KVM switches, just a browser running Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0, and Windows 98 or higher.

The ServReach KVManager, as its name implies, manages the entire ServReach system and other embedded KVM switches over IP. This LDAP-compatible appliance secures and coordinates access to multiple target servers. This model is available in three sizes to control 32, 64, 512, or more KVM devices.

"The ServReach KVM system represents the defining completion of the evolutionary path from circuit-based KVM switching to IP-based KVM packet switching," comments Franco Tavella, product manager for Black Box. "This is very similar to the successful IP evolution of voice and data that has made IP networks so widespread and successful."

For more information on the product line, click here.

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